FOSSMeet 2020

FOSSMeet is an annual event at NIT Calicut that brings together the Free and Open Source Community from around the country.

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The Debian Project


Abraham Raji


This talk details and introduces the intricasies of the Debian Project from the perspective of a millenial who contributes to this project that is older than him. The talk will detail the inception, philosophy, working, contributing and more. The talk will also discuss DebConf 2022 which is comming to India and specificlly Kochi and ways in which the FOSS community in Kerala can contribute towards it.


  • Inception of Debian GNU/Linux

  • What is Debian?
    ..* General Philosophy
    ..* Distributions and Release Cycle
    ..* Who uses Debian?
    ..* What sets Debian apart?

  • Who are we?
    ..* Debian Contributors
    ..* Various ways to contribute to Debian.

  • State of Debian Community in India
    ..* Debian Developers
    ..* Debutsav
    ..* Installation Fests

  • DebConf
    ..* What is DebConf?
    ..* DebConf 2022


Projector, VGA/HDMI Cable.

Speaker bio

Free/Libre Software Enthusiast. Privacy Advocate. “Treat people as you expect to be treated” Advocate. Debian Contributor. Mozillian. Vector Designer.


  • Mastodon:
  • Twitter: @avronraji
  • Github: @avronr
  • GitLab: @avronr