FOSSMeet 2020

FOSSMeet is an annual event at NIT Calicut that brings together the Free and Open Source Community from around the country.

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A very basic introduction to Wikidata - A free linked database


Ranjith Siji


Wikidata is a project started by Wikimedia Foundation in 2012, the organization behind Wikipedia. Wikidata is a collaboratively edited knowledge base hosted by the Wikimedi a Foundation. It is a common source of open data under a public domain license. Wikidata is the ultimate data modelling platform to make structured data for any kind of data. Wikidata is a document-oriented database, focused on items, which represent topics, concepts, or objects. Wikidata is flexible enough to model various kinds of data sets using collaborative inputs. This talk is a very basic introduction about wikidata and how we can contrubute to it. Also run various queries to analyze data.


  • Structured Data
  • Open Data and Closed Data
  • Introduction to Data modelling
  • Introduction to Wikidata
  • Components of Wikidata
  • Data model in Wikidata
  • How to model data using Wikidata
  • How to get Data from Wikidata
  • Query service
  • Tools associated with Wikidata
  • Projects built upon Wikidata


Projector, Good Internet connection, Laptops for hands on workshop, Wikidata Account if you want to contribute to it.

Speaker bio

Ranjith Siji is one of the Bureaucrats in Malayalam Wikipedia, Member of IndicTechcom, CEO of Alphafork Technologies and a speaker at Wikimedia events in Kerala. He was presented his presentations at Wikimania Capetown, Wikimania Stockholm and WikidataCon Berlin etc. For the past ten years, Ranjith is contributing to Wikimedia projects mainly Wikipedia. Ranjith is one of the organizer of first India level Label-a-thon on Wikidata. He started editing Wikidata from its early years and a coordinator for Wikiproject India in Wikidata.