FOSSMeet 2018

FOSSMeet is an annual event at NIT Calicut that brings together the Free and Open Source Community from around the country.

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Defending Privacy and Digital Democracy; Political existance of Free and Open Software Software


Kannan V M


India is a country that considers privacy as a fundamental right, but is it protected in the digital world? While it being a close to impossible task to make a policy on Privacy on digital world, how can we make sure our rights are not being tampered? Why a software should be free (as in freedom) should be the minimum condition for being a secure choice? This talk will briefly go through the threats and what are the Free Software solutions that respects your privacy and maintains Digital Democracy.


  • Current state of Privacy.
  • Why Privacy should be the debate of the century.
  • How to defend your digital freedom.
  • Free software alternatives in social media.
  • Brief introdction about Ring, Riot, Jitsi, Diaspora, Signal and Mastodon
  • Companies with a freesoftware policy.
  • Net neutrality and digital freedom.


No requirements. But if you bring a Mobile or Laptop, its possible to install your desired software and we can make a fossmeet chat group in riot.

Speaker bio

Kannan V M, Freelance web developer, Freesoftware contributor and promoter, Political Activist, Wikipedia/media contributor.. etc. etc.