by Ramya Ragupathy (@ramyaragupathy) on Friday, 29 December 2017

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Technical level


Digital maps have brought in a massive change in our real world interaction. How about making the digital maps work for us to understand what’s beyond our eyes? From assessing infrastructure problems in your locality to computing forest cover worldwide, map data hold the key to all our pressing questions.

This talk will cover using Javascript for querying the big geographic dataset, OpenStreetMap(OSM). OSM is an open source map of the world, growing largely through crowdsourced geographic information. The talk will introduce OSM, tile-reduce, turfjs & other related spatial concepts.


The session will give the audience a basic idea of Open geospatial analysis and an ability to think beyond our regular usage of digital maps.

  • Introduce OpenStreetMap
  • Data availability & extraction
  • Talk about the volume of data
  • Touch upon data format & vector tiling
  • Introduce tile-reduce
  • Elaborate tile reduce usage
  • Introduce turfjs
  • Analysis with turfjs
  • Present use cases/live examples

Speaker bio

An avid source contributor & a big data enthusiast, I’ve been actively involved in data analysis & research with OpenStreetMap. Recently I presented about my research at State of the Map- Asia, Kathmandu.

Apart from the big data space, I enjoy Tamil Literature & World Cinema!