FOSSMeet 2018

FOSSMeet is an annual event at NIT Calicut that brings together the Free and Open Source Community from around the country.

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Let's do some Debian Packaging (Workshop)


Sruthi Chandran


This will be a hands-on session on Debian Packaging.

Initially, a demo of packaging process will be given including the tools used and steps involved.

In the second stage, hands-on packaging of a common module by all attendees.

Interested attendees can continue packaging in the


Packaging Demo:

  • Tools used

  • Steps involved


  • Packaging a Node.js module


Must attend: as this will be a continuation of that session.

Detailed pre-requisites are mentioned at

  1. You MUST have a debian unstable system (physical, virtual machine or a container)

  2. Install packaging tools inside the container # apt-get install npm2deb as required

  3. Understand how a basic command line program is created and installed using a simple Makefile See for an example

  4. Get a basic overview of packaging from Debian New Maintainer’s Guide

  5. Understand basic git usage (add, commit, clone, push, pull, branch, tag)

  6. Run a hello world program with NodeJs. Follow You can apt-get install nodejs

  7. Go through

Recommended: Attend

Speaker bio

Debian Maintainer maintaining around 160 packages including Ruby, Node.js and a couple of font packages.
Freelancer focusing on Debian packaging
Conducts sessions and workshops on Debian packaging
Librarian turned FOSS enthusiast