National Institute of Technology Calicut, formerly the Calicut Regional Engineering College, is a federally funded technical university and an institute of national importance governed by an act passed by the Parliament of India.

Subscribe Chanakya Hall, NITC

Subscribe Network Systems Lab (NSL), NITC

Network Systems Lab. is one of the labs maintained by the prestigious CSED, NIT Calicut; where the bright Master of Computer Application students have been regularly developing and testing their creative projects.

Subscribe Software Systems Laboratory (SSL), NITC

This lab was established in 2006. The objective of this laboratory is to provide the infrastructure for conducting the regular labs (Data Structures Lab, DBMS Lab, Network Lab, Compiler Lab, OS Lab and Programming Languages Lab) and project works for the BTech and MCA Programs. The lab is equipped with state of the art servers, desktops and software (Linux and compilers for C, C++, Perl, TCL, PHP, Java, Python, etc.).