by Balram Pariyarath (@balramp) on Thursday, 12 January 2017

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Technical level


This session will help people to get started and build a linux distro from scratch (Inspired from


  • A brief introduction on linux and its history
  • Why go for linux
  • The Linux from scratch project
  • Getting started with LFS (the main course book)
  • Start building the system!
  • Deploy and test your distro
  • Introduction to Beyond LFS
  • How to integrate GNOME 3 into the system

Note: The session is designed based on LFS (aimed for beginners/intermediates) as it is neatly documented and people can continue with it afterwards.


A linux system (preferably Debian as the demo will be made in Debian Jessie), basic knowledge of linux and linux commands.

Speaker bio

I’m a student entrepreneur living in Kochi, India who successfully completed the Google Summer of Code 2016 (with Debian). I am a fan of programming, technology and literature. Being founder of a 3 year old startup, I have also experimented myself in various aspects of management and technology, starting from customer acquisition, investor pitching to developing technology for banks and prepaid debit-card based payment systems. I support Open Source projects and their development and is an active contributor with Debian (RTC) and FOSSASIA (linux) teams. I am also pursuing my Bachelors’ Degree along with this. I am a track organizer (linux) at the upcoming edition of FOSSASIA and a speaker at FOSDEM 2017 (Conducted on 4 & 5 Feb, this year) at Belgium.


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    [-] Jose Antony (@joseantony) a year ago

    Sounds interesting!

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    [-] ajmal azeez (@ajmalazeez007) a year ago

    Looking forward to attend.

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