by VISWAPRASATH KS (@iamvp7) on Friday, 25 November 2016

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Introduction about WebExtensions. Webextensions are Firefox add-ons which are compatible with the API supported by Chrome and opera. Once written, these extensions can be made to run on most browsers with small tweaks. Participants can learn how to customize their browsers, can learn the steps to submit to Firefox Add-ons website.


In this talk I will share demos on
- Introduction why WebExtension are coming & how helpful they are. - how to develop a Web Extension from scratch. - how to run your Chrome Extensions in Firefox.

My talk will help attendees understand how extensions can be made available for all browsers, and know the basics of what we look for when reviewing Extensions for Firefox. And I will share resources for learning more about developing WebExtensions.


Participants can bring Laptops, so they can try WebExtensions demo in their machine.

Speaker bio

Working as a backend developer at Zoho. Contributing to Mozilla community. Contributed as Firefox OS Senior App reviewer and helping students to get started with WebExtensions development.


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    [-] Nagarajnaidu (@nagarajnaidu921) a year ago

    quite interesting

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