FOSSMeet 2016

FOSSMeet is an annual event at NIT Calicut that brings together the Free and Open Source Community from around the country.

Git Workshop

Submitted by Tummala Dhanvi (@tummala-dhanvi) on Sunday, 6 December 2015

Technical level: Beginner Status: Submitted


Using Git - the stupid content tracker and Github - Where software is built

After this work shop you will be able to use the Git and GitHub (or any other alternative) interface and even which is the only step between you and Open Source Contribution

(This work shop is conducted by two people Tummala Dhanvi(me) and Sakshi Vaid)


Preview of Session

  • What is Version Control System / Why do we need such tool

  • History of Git and how was it created

  • Why Git (re-invent the wheel?)

  • Installing Git

  • Basic Configuration (Name,Email etc..)

  • Explain how Git works

  • Do some Basics of Git (Add,commit,push)

  • Why Github ? and other alternatives

  • Contributing in Github (Pull Requests,Issue tracker,markdown..)


Basic Bash Commands (cd,ls..) Knowledge

Speaker bio

Sakshi Vaid

  • I am a Linux Kernel Contributor (the project for which Git is created and makes best use of Git)
  • Active member of FOSS@Amrita here is my profile
  • Worked on Android Application Devopement
  • I have also have written an article on Open Source For You about Android Studio.
  • I have been recently selected as student scholar for Grace Hopper Celebration India (GHCI) 2015

Tummala Dhanvi

  • I have Good knowledge of Git and have contributed to Git (Git is a software which is written in C and uses Git as VCS) by reporting a bug
  • I am Security Enthuiast who take part in CTF’s.
  • FREEdom Software lover.
  • Proud Mozillian who hacks at Mozilla to make the web more open
  • I am also a active member of FOSS@Amrita full details here
  • I also write articles about FOSS in OSFY (Open Source For You) in my free time
  • I have started contributing to Mozilla recently and became one of the Contributors



  • Balasankar C (@balasankarc) 4 years ago

    Please introduce audience to GitLab also, not only the propreitary GitHub. Afterall, it’s ‘FOSS’Meet.

    • Tummala Dhanvi (@tummala-dhanvi) Proposer 4 years ago

      I agree with you but unfortunately most of the opensoure projects are hosted on GitHub and once if some one get used to the GitHub interface, it becomes easy to pickup others interfaces.

      Also GitLab is also not a FOSS community, it is also a company like GitHub which made the source code Open in 2014 , IMHO every other company took the idea of GitHub and copied :)

      But I will make sure that I will specify that even though GitHub is hosting many opensource projects, it is not Open Source. I will specify other alternatives like GitWeb,GitList,Gogs,GitLab etc.. which are FOSS software and alternative for GitHub

      Thanks for the Comment

      • pravi (@pravi) 4 years ago

        Most Free Software projects are on github because it has been there for long. Are you going to promote Windows/Dos because it has been there before GNU/Linux?

        • Tummala Dhanvi (@tummala-dhanvi) Proposer 4 years ago

          I agree with you that being a company is different from being proprietary, but comparing a full time employee with a organisation which deponds on volunteers :(
          While working in a company they are bound to help you, Well in a community there will be people and every one have their likes and dislikes and this is place where democracy wins.

          I won’t say that Github is the first that offered free git hosting, there was Google Code which also agrees that most organisations shifted to GitHub and they have also shifted their projects to Github

          Most of the Opensource Organisations and Companies including GitLab put their code on GitHub. So it would be better for a beginner to get introduced to GitHub, once he gets used to it he can easily change from GitHub to other. Also it’s the easy way of contributing to Open Source.

          As I have told in my above comment I will also mention that GitHub is not Open and suggest them alternatives

          IMHO comparing Windows to GitHub is very bad thing to do!

      • pravi (@pravi) 4 years ago

        Being a company is not bad, being proprietary is bad. Gitlab is a very friendly company to work with. Me and Balu has been packaging gitlab for last 2+ years and their response is excellent compared to projects like diaspora, even though they are fully community run, some core developers have a deep dislike for our work to create native package for debian.

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