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Deploying a CoreOS Cluster over Cloud

Submitted by brijrajsingh on Thursday, 3 December 2015

Technical level: Intermediate Status: Submitted


Learn very basics of CoreOS, and see how to create a cluster using Virtual Machines over Cloud.


CoreOS is a lightweight version of Linux designed to support rapid creation of potentially very large clusters of VMs that use Linux containers as the only packaging mechanism, including Docker containers. This session describes the basics of CoreOS, and discusses why one should be using the CoreOS if you are using the Linux Containers. Also we’ll see how to deploy a CoreOS cluster using Virtual machines over cloud.


Linux, Virtual Machines, Azure/AWS (optional), CoreOS (Optional)

Speaker bio

I am Brij, I am a Sr. Tech. Evangelist with Microsoft specializing in Open Source solutions. I have a decade worth of experience in both open source as well as proprietary softwares. I have developed many high performance solutions using the open source technologies.


  • Jaseem abid (@jaseemabid) 4 years ago

    How is this going to help a mostly college students audience?

    • BrijRaj Singh (@brijrajsingh) 4 years ago

      CoreOS is a new Operating system based over linux, this talk will only do an introduction towards how a new age Operating system that’s very lean as well is fitting into the needs of newly defined enterprises and their DevOPS, I don’t think this would go over the head of students as long as there is a right story being told.

      • Jaseem abid (@jaseemabid) 4 years ago

        This is a talk that will benefit practicing ops folks who need to run production environments. Not students who almost never need to run several VM/containers. If you are talking about isolated envirionments for projects, then something like Vagrant or docker will be better fit.

        My 0.02$.

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