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GNUKhata, a Professional quality free accounting software

Submitted by Krishnakant Mane (@krmane) on Jan 21, 2016

Technical level: Intermediate Status: Confirmed


Looking at GNUKhata from both ends


GNUKhata <> is a free and open source accounting software with professional quality features.
This presentation will look at the said software from 2 aspects.
Firstly from the end-user’s point of view, we will see all the powerful and standards based feature set of the program and how organizations can gain by using it.
The other half will be a technical insight into the logic, how we have developed it and what is the further plan.
We will welcome contributors who wish to be a part of our family after this session.


Knowledge of using Ubuntu, or any other Linux distro, basic knowledge of client-server. knowledge of accounting will be more than welcome.

Speaker bio

Krishnakant Mane, a Python and Java developer, founder and project leader for GNUKhata, director of digital freedom foundation <>



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