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Building and deploying your Python-Django application

Submitted by Tony Thomas (@tonythomas01) on Dec 22, 2015

Technical level: Intermediate Status: Submitted


  • Know about Model View Controller Frameworks
  • Code and build your first Django application
  • Understand how easy web development is, rather than raw coding the entire logic
  • Make use of common libraries, OAuth, Haystack search ( if time permits )
  • Deploying your Django appliaction via Redhat openshift


The workshop aims at showing how easy it is to build an application with Python-Django, rather than buidling applications the wrong way, without a framework. Effective use of the MVC framework can ease the life of a web-dev, and knowing a secure framework like DJango hikes productivity and market value.


  • GNU/Linux installed machine
  • git/python-django/other packages ( which can be installed later )

Speaker bio

  • Founder of, with web experience of 4+ years.
  • Mediawiki Developer, maintains and have written multiple extensions, which are installed in production ( 750+ wikis, including en-wiki ). [ ] and have talked at their international Hackathons and Summits
  • Coded the backend of and in Python-django.



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