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Future of Computer Programming


Anoop Thomas Mathew


Introduce the attendees to the new horizons of Machine Learning, how it - is and can - transforming our daily life and what can we do, to be involved with the revolution.


Machine Learning has been around for a very long time, and had been successful in solving specific problems. But, leveraging that for creating general intelligence has been a complete disaster. Discussion over how can this be applied for progamming computers to eliminate the process of “coding” and the creation of solution models to predict from the past learnings. Talk will give brief idea about the history and the recent advances in computer programming. Also will discuss, the effect of so much data being generated and at the same time, computers getting faster, and the ability of computers to identify and learn patterns by itself is getting more and more prominent. A quick hands-on experience on machine learning will also be a part in the session. To conclude, talk will focus on how free software is helping the advances and how we can be a part of xit.


  • MUST be inquisitive
  • A laptop with python installed can get you tag along on live coding (not necessary)
  • Experience in python programming is a plus

Speaker bio

Anoop Thomas Mathew is a Software Architect with years of experience in working with Web Application Development and Software Development in general. As Chief Technology Officer @ Profoundis Inc., he leads the Engineering efforts on Vibe. He has spoken at numerous conferences like Fifth Elephant 2012, PyCon 2012, FOSSMeet 2013, PyCon 2013, FOSSMeet 2014 to name a few.