FOSSMeet 2015

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Auto generate customized test suit for your JavaScript file


saptarshi chatterjee


1) Will be able to create a basic npm module in 5 minute.
2) Will get insignts on Javascript code coverage , fundamental and tooling
3) Will learn JavaScript automation and code generation using yeoman.


1) Discuss the basics of npm and yeoman . How to create a npm module quickly and publish it .
2) Discuss the basics and algorithm of how you can generate customized test suit for your angularJs Application.
3) Fundamentals and working principle of generator-yosapy (
Generates Jasmine test for your angularJs file, Most of these auto generated custom test cases will actually be passing and it will take file’s code coverage from 0% to 40%-50% without writing a single line of code, ain’t that freaking awesome!!!


1) Projecter.

Speaker bio

Working as technical Lead in Mckinsey Digital Lab. over 6+ years of experience in JavaScript , Mobile technologies and full Stack development . Multiple National Hackathon winner , NPM author , speaker and a geek.Prior to joining McKinsey, Saptarshi worked with LinkedIn as a software Engineer .