FOSSMeet 2015

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Hands on with Open Standards and Projects in Healthcare Informatics


Labeeb Mattra


Understanding the importance of Open Standards in Healthcare Informatics.
Learn how to read and write well used medical data formats including DICOM and HL7.
Introduction to FOSS projects and tools in healthcare informatics.


Healthcare informatics is one of those areas where FOSS philosophy matters the most. This workshop aims to introduce the participants to the world of data standards and formats in this field. This session will teach how to work on these standards and tools. There is a plethora of open source projects in Healthcare Informatics. We will be intorducing them in this session.


Enthusiasm to learn new technologies.

Speaker bio

I have been a part of FOSS community for several years now. Involved in Wikipedia, Swathanthra Malayalam Computing, Diaspune (Diaspora Community of Pune) and Chamba Open Movie Project communities. Currenlty working as Technology Lead in Cloudex Radiology Solutions, a teleradiology solution service provider incubated in Startup Village, Kochi. I am currently writing Radiology related software solutions using Open Source technologies.